Safe-to-Swim Program: Ages 3-12


The philosophy of the USwim1 lessons program is to provide quality instruction for a necessary life skill using the Safe-to-Swim technique.  We attempt to nurture confidence and dissipate fear for the non-swimmer in an aquatic setting.  Our main focus is to make the non-swimmer safe while eliciting positive emotions surrounding the water.  Results will be our first priority.


Lesson sessions run Monday through Thursday for a two week time period totaling 8 lessons per session.  Each lesson is approximately 45-60 minutes depending on the student-teacher ratio and progress of each class.  All skill levels are offered during each session and children will be divided by ability on the first day of class.  Students will be in a group of no more than 5 swimmers per instructor.  All instructors are USwim1 certified in a technique that differentiates instruction for each child within the group.  Parents are not involved in the lesson (you get to watch from the sidelines) and no water wings will be used.

Skill Levels

Beginner –Any child 3-5 years old who cannot swim across the pool on their back is considered a beginner. Beginners will work on floating and self-rescue techniques while gaining confidence around the water.  All children at the beginner level must be potty trained to participate!


Goal: To jump in, surface on the back, and swim the width of the pool without assistance.


Advanced Beginner – Advanced beginners will work on freestyle skills with proper rhythmic breathing.


Goal: To swim freestyle with proper breathing the width of the pool.


Intermediate – The Intermediate level is designed to refine freestyle stroke efficiency and endurance to swim 25 yards (the length of the pool). The backstroke and diving are also elements of this level.


Goal: To swim 25 yards both of freestyle and backstroke using proper technique.


Not sure which level to register your child? Make your best guess. All students will receive a brief evaluation on the first day of lessons and necessary adjustments will be made.

Tuition - Refund Policy - Registration Changes

Tuition:  All lessons are $145/per child/per session and due upon registration.


Refunds: May be requested until two weeks before the beginning of the session and will be subject to a $25 fee. Within two weeks of the session and after the session has begun, no refunds will be issued for any reason.


Changes in Registration:  Parents may switch from a reserved session to an open session for no charge if done by the Friday before the original session begins.  If done later than that Friday, the Refund Policy takes effect.  A request to switch must be in writing via email to  This will not be done over the phone and there are no make-up lessons or partial credits.

Contact Information

Phone: (610) 466-5577


Twitter:  @U_swim1

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